5 August 2021
Thierry Baudet

Have I been “radicalised”? That’s what people have been saying about me recently. It's what the newspapers have been writing and what in turn the pundits have regurgitated. They allege my opinions have become “more extreme” and supposedly the party line has altered. But have I changed? I don’t think I have. Not for a minute.
My opinion on immigration from Africa and the Middle East has not changed. I am still opposed to it. We have not altered our positions on the ridiculous climate plans that will lead us to financial ruin, on the untenable Euro, the inevitability of NEXIT, or on the need for nation states. We feel the same as ever about taxation and the importance of referenda – and you won’t find us feeling any differently about modern architecture either.

Incurring the ire of the establishment
Attacks on our party have intensified, despite our ideological stability. The criticisms are ever sharper and more vitriolic. Before we were rejected mostly for taking a different view – a view that, while not shared by the establishment, was more or less accepted as having a right to exist. Now they disregard us because we’ve gone off the deep end. All this is - of course - for what we say about the coronavirus; about lockdowns, mandatory vaccinations and social distancing. Never before have people been so pressured into conformity to the mainstream position as they are today on these issues. Anyone brave enough to go against established opinion will find himself incurring the ire and ridicule not just of the political cartel, but also of Big Pharma, Big Tech, news pundits, cartoonists, academics, 'influencers' and the rest. It seems to be all very well when people amuse themselves with any kind of political gibberish – as long as they don’t challenge the fundamental assumptions behind the international response to the Chinese virus. Yet that’s precisely what we’ve done. That’s us becoming extreme.
The facts of the matter
This is what we know:

  • The mortality rate for Covid-19 across all age groups lies somewhere between 0.15 and 0.30 of a percentage point of those infected. It’s about as deadly as a severe bout of the annual flu.
  • As Covid-19 progresses slightly differently from influenza, more people have to rely on healthcare facilities than they would if they had caught the flu. But healthcare capacity can be increased quite easily and so this factor shouldn’t pose us any significant challenges.
  • Vaccines against Covid are still in their experimental stages, and will be for more than a year. The vaccine suppliers have negotiated disclaimer clauses with governments: they can have no liability for any adverse side effects. 
  • Although the registration of adverse short-term effects of the vaccinations has been criticized for not having been sufficiently profound, even the data that are available are remarkable: in France, over 64,000 cases of adverse side effects have been registered; a quarter of which having been designated as serious.
  • In Scotland more people have died after receiving the vaccine in the last six months than from Covid itself (900 against 800).
  • Several cases of sudden death have been reported among young men just vaccinated. The British National Health Service has just put out a tender for £3 billion worth of anticoagulants, five times the usual amount needed over a three-year period: is this because the vaccines cause blood clots which, in turn, have led to heart failure and death?
  • In total, more than 15,000 deaths have been registered in Europe of people who have taken the vaccine.
  • All these numbers are of completely different orders of magnitude from those found in any previous vaccination programme.
  • And we have no idea what long-term effects the vaccine will have, nor how vaccines could affect the way the virus mutates. Only time can tell. But there is no doubt that over the past several decades, a significant number of medicins and vaccins have been withdrawn after mid- or long-term adverse side effects were discovered.
Everything I have just summarised is based on official data and general observations. None of it is controversial or widely disputed. What else have we learnt?
  • Despite Covid’s rather limited kill rate, extremely stringent and intrusive measures have been taken, and still are being taken. Australia’s renewed lockdown in spite of its high vaccination rate is a recent example. We have never before seen measures like these enacted or even considered – not in wartime, not when the plague roamed the earth, not when we had outbreaks of cholera: never.
  • Nor have we seen any identifiable positive effects of the measures taken that outweigh the clear negative effects of reduced life expectancy owing to economic decline, depression, social isolation and loss of freedom. According to the Dutch government’s own figures, lockdown has seen the Dutch people incur a loss of five-hundred-and-twenty thousand quality life years (520,000). This is just in the Netherlands, with our 17 million inhabitants.
  • Furthermore, nowhere have we seen any structural increase in healthcare capacity, despite the widespread justification of lockdowns for fear of overburdening our healthcare services. The number of ICU beds in the Netherlands has actually been reduced.
  • We have learnt too that despite the risk and the limited efficacy of the vaccines, people all over the world are under extreme pressure to take the shot. Those that refuse become social outcasts. France and Italy have even introduced health passports that legally divide societies between those that can prove they’ve taken the experimental injections and those assumed, without proof, to be health hazards. This is an unprecedented intrusion into the private lives of citizens. 
  • Finally, we have seen governments continue to rely on PCR test results to determine where to set threat levels, in spite of that test’s inability to discern how contagious the tested individual is, or even to show whether he has actually been infected with the virus at all. 

Then why is all this happening?
To me it is clear as daylight that nothing in this whole saga adds up. We are asked to go along with a story that lacks any internal consistency. What on earth is going on? The question has two possible answers:

  1. Stupidity, mass psychosis, groupthink; all the world’s politicians being completely and utterly brain dead, or:
  2. There is a plan to it all: some kind of coordinating idea, an agenda – even a philosophy.
We can’t know which answer is right. Perhaps both are in play at the same time, with lower-ranked politicians (those at the national level) indeed the useful idiots, while the higher-ups among the global elite work to further a deeper objective, a long-term agenda for a future state of mankind. 
But this is what we do know:

  • A significant number of world leaders, heads of state, UN top brass, EU lobbyists and so on have explicitly stated a desire to arrive at a New Normal. Meanwhile they underline that the Old Normal is done and dusted, never to return;
  • Indeed, they've told us that Covid ushers in a transition towards a new society, a new way of living.
  • We know they dream not just of centrally, even globally, governed humanity, but also of a mankind ultimately merged with technology: where audio systems, washing machines, fridges, cars and computers interact directly with their users through microchips implanted in the human body, communicating via 5G so these accessories immediately respond to a user’s mood.
  • We know they think there should be a new internet, or a new way of organising the internet, that shifts the point of a user's identification from his computer's IP-address (which currently offers some anonymity) to the biometrical data of the user himself. Anonymity is then impossible. The state brings the internet under its complete control, enabling it to mandate certain behaviours as preconditions for connectedness: conforming to hate-speech laws and fake-news checks, accepting regular vaccination or – who knows? – limiting carbon emissions or complying with diversity policies.
  • The same elites have said too that Covid lockdowns and the rounds of vaccination we've seen are first steps towards a world of regular vaccine compulsion and where climate lockdowns also become policy possibilities;
  • And at last, that the aim is for private property and free markets to make way for a collectivist economy, with a Universal Basic income paid by central banks printing money, while housing prices rise to levels unaffordable for the common man, who again becomes more dependent on the state. 'You’ll own nothing, but you'll be happy': the World Economic Forum’s alleged slogan puts it all in a nutshell.

Fata ducunt volentem, nolentem trahunt, or as applied here: the shoulder-shrugging, compliant attitude of those that may not see the bigger picture will drag us all to a fate which neither they nor we ever wanted. One needs to step back only ever so slightly to see the trend here and identify what’s in store for us: what the global elite, the billionaires, the futurists and the megalomaniacs have dreamt of for decades – a one-world government, a centralised economy, transhumanism and total control. The panic over a new virus has brought it all within reach.

Covid, the Bigger Picture and the Attack on the Nation State
The attack on the nation state, mass migration, the climate agenda and the EU all tie in nicely. They're part of the same transitional movement. Covid offers the momentum to get that New Normal over the line. This is exactly how Klaus Schwab and countless others have described our current crisis: a unique opportunity, a window allowing them to reshape the world. As mass migration and transnationalism have weakened the community of sovereign nation states and climate policies prove the perfect tools to centralise economies, the Covid narrative can clear the way for the final push towards transhumanism – backed up by transgenderism, transnationalism – trans-anything, really. It brings a world that will see us – by injection initially and by microchip eventually – fully controlled, directed, standardised and manipulated.

So have I been radicalised? I have not changed one bit. I am the same man I was. I harbour the same ideals, the same love for my country, for our civilisation and for the 19th century views on culture and politics I had last year and the year before that. It is the world that has become a more radical place. We are caught up in a global struggle for freedom. It’s a struggle in which entirely irrational and unlimited duress is applied by governments through lockdowns and semi-mandatory vaccinations. It’s a struggle against policies that may well be driven by a radical and global scheme to do away with humanity as we know it and replace it with an entirely new society where all is controlled and governed from global centres of governance, where people are implanted with implicitly mandatory microchips regulating and sanctioning their entire lives, including their use of the internet. Have you seen the film The Matrix? It's coming frightfully close.

Not a “conspiracy”
I underline: I am not making up any of this. I am not theorising here. It’s all there: the transhumanism, the one-worldism, the taking control over the physical integrity of the individual. If it's not already dowright policy, world leaders, billionaires, NGOs and the like tell us all about it in the books they publish. We find it explicitly discussed in their speeches. They draft reports where they promote it and detail how it’s all going to take shape. And yes, of course, in theory, it could all be a coincidence. It could just be by chance that we find current events line up perfectly with the views and ideas and even projected timelines of these actors. Perhaps Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Peter Thiel, George Soros, Klaus Schwab and so on are all just “howling at the moon”, as the naïve – or cunning – Frits Bolkestein once said about EU federalists. And of course, it could be – as my mainstream friends keep telling themselves – that things will never get that bad.
But it could also be that a great number of national politicians, commentators and learned scholars are unaware of the existence of such an agenda and even unwilling for it to come to fruition, but that in spite of their best intentions, they will nonetheless help make it come true. The same thing happened with the EU, after all. For years I warned of what the proponents' plans would get us into. People told me not to get my knickers in a twist about it. They implored that the Euro would never be a vehicle for turning the EU into a transfer union. But of course, that is exactly what we find it is today. Next Gen EU bonds are here. Negative interest rates and skyrocketing property prices make us pay for the extra cash that’s printed to pay off the debts of the southern member states. By not saying no - they implicitly said yes.
So whether we are dealing with an agenda, or whether we are dealing with ignorance, it really doesn’t matter either way. A bad thing is happening right before our very eyes and we need to put a stop to it. We need to get our freedom back. Lockdowns, mandatory vaccinations, the track & trace society: we cannot allow that to pass. If that makes me a radical, then go ahead and call me a radical. Let us all radically stand up for freedom. Let us all be radical about our rights, about reason and logic and about restricting the powers of the government! 
Radical! From radix, the root, the essence. 
By God, so be it! That’s us!