8 of the worst examples of the sexualization of Dutch children

29 maart 2023 | Forum for Democracy


On Tuesday 20 March, Thierry Baudet made an urgent appeal to the Dutch cabinet to examine what the Rutgers Foundation and other organisations are feeding our children during the so-called "Week of Spring Fever.” It seems that children who are far too young are being brought into contact with explicit images and information about sexual acts at school. For the time being, the Minister for Primary and Secondary Education, Dennis Wiersma, cannot provide clarity about the teaching materials that are being used. Meanwhile, worrying reports are surfacing about what is currently going on in Dutch elementary schools. We have listed 8 of the most distressing examples.


8. The genderbread person: gender indoctrination packaged as a sweet treat


As part of the controversial Week of Spring Fever, the so-called "genderbread person" is being distributed on schools: a sweet treat which adults use to lure children into a pseudo-scientific story about gender diversity. The main result being children becoming confused about their own identity.


7. Rutgers' deleted video: adults talking to kids about 'fucking' and ‘sucking’


Because of all the fuss, Rutgers was forced to remove the above video. Forum for Democracy believes it is important that everyone knows what our youth are exposed to. We have therefore posted the video on our own YouTube channel. Watch and judge the content for yourself.


6. Rutgers' 3D clitoris for 9-year-olds


Rutgers' web shop offers a 3D clitoris as teaching material for grades 6 to 8 in elementary school. Children in grade 6 are 9 or 10 years old. The Rutgers lesson plan emphasizes the supposed importance of the 3D clitoris for children of that age: "Students need to know that the clitoris exists, where it is located, what the clitoris looks like, and what its function is, so that women can (in the future) have pleasurable sexual experiences and that their possible (future) partners also know how to give these experiences to her." It is notable that the word "future" is placed in inverted commas.


5. Memory game on children’s television: explicit pictures of genitals for 9-year-olds


On the website of Schooltv (NTR), 9-year-olds can play a memory game with explicit pictures of adults' genitals. The memory game, called Dubbelbloot, is part of the Doctor Corrie Show. "With this game, I want to show you what breasts, dicks and vaginas look like on adults," said Corrie.


4. Children's booklet for 4-year-olds: explanation of 'blowjobs' including illustrations


The booklet What is sex?, targeted 4 to 8-year-olds, illustrates how the male genitalia should be satisfied. Licking or sucking the penis is said to be "pleasurable." Rutgers, the driving force behind the Week of Spring Fever, denies that the booklet is part of their teaching materials. This is remarkable, because they recommend this booklet in a brochure on sexual education between ages 6 and 9, which you can access on their website.


3. Rutgers' poster at elementary school: sexual acts are okay from age 9 onwards


As part of the controversial Week of ‘Spring Fever’, posters from Rutgers are circulating in Dutch elementary school, making it clear to children that sexual acts are okay from the age of 9.


2. NOS instruction for young people: this is how to illegally order 'hormone blockers'


The NOS (Dutch Public Broadcaster) gives a step-by-step explanation on Instagram how young people can illegally order hormones, if a Dutch doctor does not want to help them with a 'gender transition'. Experiments with these hormones can cause permanent damage, such as infertility. It is also known that the use of so-called hormone blockers during puberty inhibits the development of bone mass, increasing the risk of bone fractures later in life.


1. Schooltv: adults who have undergone a sex change show their naked bodies to children from 7th grade.


In ‘Simply Naked’, a program of Schooltv (NTR), children from 7th and 8th grade of elementary school are confronted with naked adults who pose for them and explain their bodies. The children are taught how "normal" it is to change gender. Even worse: how fun it is! It would make you "euphoric." Gender surgery is irreversible and results in permanent infertility.


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