America’s Poisoned Gift to Ukraine

11 september 2023 | Marcel de Graaff

Last week, the U.S. government announced that it is going to send tank ammunition containing depleted uranium to Ukraine.  Depleted uranium is a highly toxic by-product of nuclear weapons.

Washington is also going to give more than $1 bn in military aid to its vassals in Kiev. In doing so, America's rulers are only serving the interests of the arms industry controlled by BlackRock and Vanguard.

Previously, the U.K. already supplied depleted uranium ammunition to Ukraine – as if it is a normal thing to spread toxic waste around the planet. The uranium embeds itself in nature and leaves a toxic legacy for generations, rendering large parts of Ukraine unliveable and making this traditional bread basket of Europe unsuitable for agriculture. Have we heard Greta Thunberg protest? Or our climate pope, Frans Timmermans? Jesse Klaver or Sigrid Kaag? They all remained silent. Hence, it is up to us to shout: How dare you!

While we are already struggling with the consequences of disastrous Covid policies, mass migration and hyperinflation, Washington seems determined to damage the European economies even further.

The path the United States is taking is life threatening. This time, it is depleted uranium, but what will it be next time? Chemical or biological weapons? American-funded labs in Ukraine were already working on this. Each successive stage of military support brings us closer to world war. The elites in Washington D.C., The Hague and Brussels, will hide safely in their bunkers, but we and our children will pay the price.

That is why it is high time to speak out against NATO's reckless arms deals. We must unite with all those, from the Left to the Right, who want to stop the madness of war. We want peace! This war is not our war! Russia and Ukraine must resolve their conflict at the negotiating table.


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