Part 1 - Bearing the nation: “woman” as the last bastion

07 april 2023 | Simone Kerseboom

Women are the bearers of the nation. They not only physically produce the next generation of citizens, the children that will make up the nation of the future; they also bear the nation in a figurative sense. As mothers and homemakers, women pass on the language, stories, traditions, morals and values which constitute the nation - the narratives and mythologies which are the very foundation stones of our societies.

The family is a microcosm of the nation. It is no surprise that the language of nationalism uses the language of the family to portray this larger familial dimension that stands at its foundation. It is embodied by such phrases as mother and father of the nation, sons and daughters of the soil, mother tongue, founding fathers. Although the members of the nation may not all know one another, they know that they are connected through the larger familial bond of a shared history, a shared language and values, and even shared childhood stories and lullabies. This is what constitutes and fortifies the very idea of nationhood.

Therefore, at a time that the very existence of nation-states has come under attack, women, in their domestic sphere, have become the last bastion of the nation and of the family. This is also why the progressive Left, under the influence of cultural Marxism, has attacked the family under the pretext of “emancipation” - creating a world where women are free to work for an employer, spend more time away from their families and the home, and leave the raising of children to the school and to the state - if they choose to have children, that is.

In the Netherlands, new legislation has been proposed by a progressive party, under the guise of emancipation, that will see full-time workers earn a bonus. This legislation is intended to draw women, who are currently more likely to work part-time, away from the family for even longer.  This same political party also proposes longer and more “fulfilling” school days for children. In their Utopia, parents will only give their children breakfast in the morning and tuck them into bed at night. The state will raise them and ensure that the ideas and morals of the state, disseminated through its social institutions, shape these children, thus undermining and subverting parents and the values that they wish to pass on to their children. The desired result is that everyone will think and believe what the state wants them to.

This is only one front on which the war against the family is being fought. More recently, we have seen a new attack on women as the last bastion of the nation. This is through questioning the very definition of womanhood by denying biology. The woke rainbow lobby, supported by the progressive Left, has been at the forefront of the destructive attack on womanhood. Women - and for that matter anyone who uses pronouns - are being forced to accept that any man who simply identifies as a woman, is a woman, and are forced to accept these individuals into women’s spaces. In a world where men who say they are a woman are allowed to compete in women’s sports, enter women’s changing rooms, be incarcerated in women’s prisons, and where the medical profession is already investigating the possibility of womb transplantations because everyone should have the “right” to bear children, where do women draw the line? How do women defend the sacredness of the ability to bear life, a biology that predisposes them to flourish in roles as mothers and caretakers, and the sanctity of the family? Never mind the hard fought for rights for access to their own spaces as women. In essence, the progress women have made over the last century is being made undone by men claiming access to exactly that which makes women unique - our biological and social position in society as women.

The attack on the definition of woman is, of course, part of the linguistic deconstruction of the family and thereby, by extension, the nation. Mother and father are reduced to caregivers, or even as birthing and non-birthing parent. This slippery slope is reminiscent of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, in which children are created in factories and the family units of the past are considered as a perverse artefact of an ignorant time.

If the bonds between family members are broken, together with the inherent value we place on the roles and relationships which tie the family together, people are reduced to the most rudimentary form of individuality. Without the family, the home does not exist. Without the home, people are no longer rooted in time and place. When these fundamental elements which have shaped human societies for thousands of years are lost, you have nothing left to fight for.  You become the perfect global citizen. You are raised by the state with the ideology that the state wishes you to embody. You will be just as happy living in Hong Kong as in Prague. And if you are no longer happy where you are, you simply pack your bags and leave. In that world, political representation no longer has a role to play as no one is rooted anywhere. It is the perfect setting for the global government of technocrats into which we are quickly being dragged.

‘Woman’ has become the last bastion that the progressive Left wishes to see deconstructed and made redundant, in order to complete the destruction of the family unit as a microcosm of the nation. They are succeeding. Men have been structurally demasculinised and feminized.  They are no longer in a position to protect women effectively. Just as in war, where women are violated to shame and humiliate the men (i.e. the nation) of the opposing side, women were the next in line. With men increasingly incapable of caring for and protecting them, women were taken out of the home to become part of the workforce and distanced from raising their children. And now, ‘woman’ is no longer considered to be a clear biological category, simply an ‘idea’ that anyone can claim as their identity.

Perhaps more sinister is that this frontal attack on biology and tradition serves another purpose. With parents left without a solid foundation on which to base their own identity and sense of home in a world where traditional morals and values have been cast aside for hedonistic individualism, who is left to raise the children? This is where the final strategic blow of cultural Marxism will be struck: the impressionable minds of our children, left undefended as the traditions, faith, and morals that once guarded normalcy have been erased by a new, far more sinister ideology and state religion: globalism.


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