The Future is Male or None

28 februari 2022 | Max Denken

Down the slipway of dominant femaleness

The West is being destroyed by a Yin tsunami. Its nations, its societies are as wrecked as a human body would be after a 40-year diet of sugar, alcohol, and refined carbohydrates – all Yin (acidic) foods as per the Oriental conception of the Yin –Yang contrasting energies animating the universe. A practitioner of Oriental medicine would diagnose our condition as acute Yin Toxicity. That term stands for such an imbalance between the surfeit of the feminine Yin element and the dearth of the Yang male element that cosmic harmony, the Tao, can no longer exist. The organism, whether biological or societal, is thrown into a destructive spiral that, if not remedied, ends in death.


Everywhere in the West one sees the slogan “The future is female” on T-shirts, posters, mugs, retailers’ websites, art gallery exhibitions. “The future is female” declare dozens of fashion designers who dress their female models like men and their males like females. “The future is female,” imply tacitly guidebooks on how to “feminize” men. “The future is female” crows the United Nations organization.(1) “The future is female,” said Hillary Clinton defiantly after Donald Trump’s inauguration in 2017. But no, the future is male, except not the white, feminized penis-porter(2) that the Zombies driving the West’s politics and culture have in mind.


The long march through the institutions has been not only of the Left but also of women taking over key positions in the West’s governments, courts and public prosecutor’s offices, police and the military, media and entertainment, schools and universities – with long term results, I aver, that do not bode well for Western Civilization. The leap on the Left has been from the male-run orthodox Marxism to the female-driven, “compassionate” Cultural Marxism of “Social Justice.” Conservatives, as usual, just got played.


The American military has unveiled new pregnancy uniforms while the Chinese military has unveiled new exoskeleton uniforms that allow a soldier to carry more gear into combat. A few years ago, a composite photo circulated on the Internet. It showed Europe’s five female Ministers of Defense versus the martial machos in charge of China’s and Russia’s militaries, the phalanx of bemedaled men-generals standing behind every successive ruler of North Korea or the ruling mullahs of Iran. And that picture of Yin-sickened West did not even include socialist Spain’s very pregnant Minister of Defense Carme Chacon in a billowing maternity dress, reviewing a lineup of erect soldiers.

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose. Socialist Florence Parly is now the Minister of Defense of France and at this time, when macho Putin is invading Ukraine and threatening NATO, Western Europe’s defence nomenklatura is the subject of yet another circulating satire while the head of NATO is a metrosexual – and of course Socialist – Norwegian.


Metrosexual Obama, stamped from the same mold that would soon disgorge Canada’s Justin Trudeau, delighted in placing the most unsuitable women in the most improbable and important positions. Consider “Team Obama”: Hillary Clinton, Samantha Power, Susan Rice, and Obama’s grey eminence Valerie Jarrett huddling at the UN General Assembly Hall. At least three of them were architects of the string of catastrophes that Obamerica’s support of the “Arab Spring” and betrayal of friendly tyrants Muammar Gaddafi in Libya, Bashar al-Assad in Syria, and Hosni Mubarak in Egypt proved to be for their country, for the world, for tens of thousands of Arab dead, and for millions of Arab refugees.

Obama’s amazons

Consider Obama’s declaration of contempt for reality and for his country by making of Janet Napolitano the U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security. Merkel-like, Napolitano was more concerned with “rightwing extremists” than with Muslim terrorists. She greatly “improved” homeland security by replacing references to acts of terrorism with the term “man-caused disasters” and sabotaging the enforcement of US immigration laws in any way she could. However, she worked toward the female future by passing over qualified men to place women in key security and immigration enforcement roles, including ICE chief of staff, Suzanne Barr who created a working environment “targeted to humiliate and intimidate male employees.”(3) That proved such a smashing success that Nancy Faeser, a Socialist who supports Antifa, is now the head of the Federal Police and Homeland Security of Germany and obsessed, of course, with “rightwing extremism.” 


Janet Napolitano

2019 proved to be a key year in the blossoming of the West’s gyneocracy. While Angela Merkel, Michelle Obama, and Hillary Clinton remained in the pantheon that the women of the world and their soft men worship, in March, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern became a “global superstar” of the giant white Zombie tribe. All due to her hysterical response to the shoot-up of a mosque in Christchurch, wrapping herself in a Muslim hijab, ordering a nationwide broadcast of the Muslim call to prayer, weeping, and—most importantly for the Yin troops—severely restricting New Zealanders’ firearms freedom rather than putting a stop to the permanent social irritant of importing Muslims from distant and critically incompatible lands and cultures to New Zealand. And then she put the Kiwis in a fascist Covid lockbox that has few equals in the world. (4)

Jacinda Ardern and other white Kiwi women in hijabs 

In June, 2019 Theresa May ended her pitiful time as Britain’s Prime Minister, having applied in a typically upside-down manner the mailed fist to Britons protesting the multiculti destruction of their country but the powder puff to disdainful Angela Merkel and the blackmailing EU in Brexit negotiations. May knew only one way against Britain’s enemies: surrender. Before she was forced by enraged Britons to resign, she had agreed to pay the EU a ransom of 39 billion pounds for the privilege of ending the UK’s vassalage to the Spinellian behemoth in Brussels. Her way of dealing with Muslim terrorism was to wear the hijab as often as a photo-op availed and to avoid dealing with Muslim terrorism or even naming it as such. (5)

Theresa May in a Hijab

Until December 2019, far-Left Federica Mogherini was the European Union’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy. This queen of European appeasement and senior manager of its decline had made a speech in 2015 in which she memorably said, “Islam belongs in Europe. It holds a place in Europe's history, in our culture, in our food and—what matters most—in Europe's present and future. Like it or not, this is the reality.”(6) Mogherini is also a former member of Italy’s National Council of the Democrats of the Left (i.e. Commies with lipstick and rouge), a former member of the Italian Communist Youth Federation, pal of Yasser Arafat, and negotiator on behalf of the European Union of the laughable nuclear treaty with the Islamic Republic of Iran. This while, without a doubt, Mogherini, like her American counterparts, would be unable to outsmart a random carpet seller in a Tabriz or Marrakesh bazaar.


Other females leading the Western world abound. They include the ruling gyneocracy of Scandinavia and women at or near the helm of every other Western country. In Switzerland it’s socialist Simonetta Sommaruga -- once Minister of Justice and Police, now president of Switzerland. In 2018, Sommaruga refused to answer a parliamentary question about the connection between the flow of “migrants” to Switzerland and the steep rise in violent crime.(7) As president, she has been taking her country in the same direction as all national female leaders do except rare “right-wingers” like Margaret Thatcher or Poland’s Beata Szydło: more estrogenic dissolution, more “compassion,” “refugees,” Islamophilia, and phony “social justice.” Loss of freedom too; it’s the same Swiss voters who surrendered their famous gun rights in 2018 and gave up free speech in matters LGBT in 2019 for whom Sommaruga is the proper leader and, they think, way of the future.


As the year 2019 was coming to a close, Ursula von der Leyen—the European Commission’s current president and Germany’s ex-Minister of Defense and presumptive future Chancellor—went to Addis Ababa to affirm Europe’s “unity” with Africa. Some months later, Åsa Lindhagen, Sweden's female "Minister for Gender Equality" would complain that the Swedes' "racism" destroys “integration”—integration of fundamentally unintegrable Syrians, Iraqis, Somalis, Afghans and other Asian and African Muslims from cultures and values that could not be more different from Sweden’s. (8)

“The World’s First Feminist Government” – Sweden’s – in submissive hijabs

The future of the West surfaced even in Finland, considered one of the saner countries in Europe. In December 2019, “Social Democrat” Sanna Marin took office in Finland; at 34, the world's youngest prime minister. Marin heads a coalition with four other parties headed by women, three of them under-35 and all of them of the far-Left. With seven men in her cabinet, 12 are women; among them Katri Kulmuni (32 yrs old) finance minister, Green Party leader and interior minister Maria Ohisalo (34 yrs old), Left Alliance head and education minister Li Andersson (32), and Anna-Maja Henriksson (55), justice minister. (9)


America’s and Europe’s top levels in politics and governance are filled with highly educated women who seemingly cannot think and have no idea what human reality is—though it’s as elementary as Newton’s laws of motion applied to human affairs. They are zealously fanatic in their quest to remake the world according to their impulses of estrogenic social justice. They are also aggressively totalitarian and respond to criticism with hysterical hyperbole.


The effects of the West’s brainwash climate were apparent in July 2020, when Niel Golightly, a high executive at Boeing, resigned his job under pressure after one (probably female) employee complained about a 33-year-old article he had written as a young Navy pilot, opposing the admittance of women into combat roles in the military. “My argument was embarrassingly wrong and offensive. The article is not a reflection of who I am,”(10) confessed the weeping Golightly while tied to a bamboo fence-post, his Chinese dunce cap affixed with a denunciation of his thought crimes, and passersby pelting him with rotten vegetables.


As 2022 rolls on, Merkel is fading but three NWO amazons are riding high:  Ursula von der Leyen leading the Chinification of Europe with mandatory death-jab vaccination requirement for all serfs of the European Union; Jacinda Ardern, Klaus Schwab’s New World Order pupil implementing totalitarianism in New Zealand allegedly to protect her Kiwi serfs from Covid, and Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland – another Klaus Schwab NWO pupil and by some accounts the true power behind the feeble-brained, hermaphroditic Justin Trudeau. Freeland/Trudeau have just imposed martial law and promised and endless persecution of Canadians who dared to object to their Covid diktats.


The European Union’s and all of Western Europe’s rule by Cultural Marxist women and their properly tamed and trained male subordinates is virtually sewn up. Barring violent upheavals by man or nature, America’s is locked in similarly, though the Trump bump obscured it for a while. The consequences can be projected too.


Education by females, catastrophe by wokeness 

Yin toxicity at its peak is saliently visible in the massive Black Lives Matter that was ravaging the United States in 2020 and continues tunneling under the country. It’s the female spirit of soft compassion gone malignant, carried on a 50-year stream of deeply-subverted education-by-females that has turned out millions of white morons feelin’ so many feelings, unable to think, and sure of only one thing: their country and their civilization are evil. All that is being carried on the lying wings of Critical Gender Theory and Critical Race Theory. 


Hormonally flooded, mentally unstable white women were the core of Black Lives Matter marches and riots paralyzing America’s cities and dominant in the UK and other West-European countries too. All larger American cities are suffused by the feminine spirit of compassion for the criminal and submission to the “people-of-color”—the louder their noise and the worse the damage they inflict, the greater the submission. Governing by “progressive” feelings, the mayors and city councils impose their lethal cocktail of “sanctuary” to illegal-alien criminals and concessions and retreat before the domestic black and “Hispanic” ones while doing all they can to at once disarm their law-abiding residents and, in this BLM epoch, defund or disarm their police forces.

Other than the prizes for “progressive” eunuch fatuity that could have gone to New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and the mayors of Minneapolis and Portland, the mayors of America’s cities wracked by the worst plagues of Cultural Marxism in government, BLM/Antifa destruction, and advanced social decay have been women. The estrogenic impulses sieved through “progressive” filters yielded a 139% increase in murders during July 2020 versus July 2019 in Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago and a 240% increase in Keisha Bottoms Atlanta; a 21.4% increase in London Breed’s San Francisco (March to June 2020 versus 2019); 26% increase in Muriel Browser’s Washington, DC (through July 13); 34% increase in 2020 gun violence in Libby Schaaf’s Oakland, 32% increase in shootings in Vi Lyles’s Charlotte (through July 17), a 58% increase in shootings and homicides in LaToya Cantrell’s New Orleans (through June 16); and a 525% increase in crime (June 2 to June 30, 2020, versus 2019) in Jenny Durkan’s Seattle. (11) Chicago, Oakland, and San Francisco are also among the ten most mismanaged American cities in a list of 150. (12)


Run by lunatic far-Left mayor Jenny Durkan and a two-thirds-female City Council that’s far to the far-Left of Durkan, Seattle has allowed criminal and anarchist elements to set up a “police-free” fiefdom of filth and brutality called CHAZ, later CHOP, until murders, shootings, rapes and arson—and worldwide ridicule—forced its closure. But not before mayor Durkan went on the record saying that she anticipated a “Summer of Love” at the CHAZ/CHOP People’s Republic set up with her approval.


Later, by a resolution of the City Council, Seattle abolished its police department, asserting that it perpetuated “racism,” “violence,” and “white supremacy culture.” Nothing of the sort, of course. It’s just that Blacks commit a highly disproportionate number of crimes, provide more causes for arrest, and bring a disparate rate of harm on themselves by fighting with the police at the time of the arrest.


A much greater display of unhinged Yin lunacy soon followed. Seattle’s Office of Civil Rights developed a “race and social justice” curriculum for all 10,000 city employees and named it “Internalized Racial Superiority for White People." According to independent journalist Christopher Rufo, the toxic “Civil Rights” morons asserted that "white people internalize the system of white supremacy" through the racist values of "individualism," "intellectualization," "objectivity," and "comfort." Those values must be abolished.


White employees must process their "white feelings" of "sadness, shame, paralysis, confusion, [and] denial." They must take action to "redistribute resources, change who's in power, [and] alter institutions." Once they have admitted to their wicked, errant, “white” ways and accepted their guilt, their “training” has been completed. (13)


Including its director Mariko Lockhart, the staff of the Seattle Office for Civil Rights consists of 20 women and nine men(14). The Seattle Human Rights Commission that works with the Office for Civil Rights, shows on its photo(15) nine women and six men. Raging estrogen has crept up on sleep-walking America just as steadily as the Critical Theory Marxism has. Now, the “Land of the Free” is the land run by female hormones and the consequent hysteria that entails a revival of Mao’s Red Guards and Bolshevik “rehabilitation” gulags. Remember that the word “hysteria” derives from the Greek for uterus: hystera.


The lethal virus being far more deadly and contagious than Covid-19, “deconstructing whiteness” has spread to college campuses and corporate offices—government and NGO alike. At Columbia University, a “health” department called “Alice! Health Promotion” announced(16) a “5-week interactive curriculum for white-identified students to engage in exploration of their white identities and build community and accountability around deconstructing whiteness and white privilege to facilitate the development of an antiracist lens.” The staff of insane “Alice!” is one black male director and five women, four of them white. (17)


In published photographs, perhaps 70 percent of the thousands of screaming “protesters” across America and Western Europe have been women. (18) In Washington, DC, “anti-fascist” females, mostly Black, set up a wipe-your-feet-on-the-American-flag station on a street in front of the White House.(19) Young white women with WASP debutante features assaulted the police. One stripped naked, sat down on the asphalt and spread her legs to project her hate toward the line of police trying to prevent her own civilization’s downfall. (20) If short, fat and ugly, they didn’t strip but added a yellow T-shirt to their costume and formed a “Wall of Moms” to scream and protect rampaging BLM/Antifa from defensive measures by the police(21)—until accused by a “black-led community group” of “anti-Blackness” (22) and skulking humbly into oblivion.

“Wall of Moms” in Portland, solidarity with Antifa/BLM

“A uniformed white female US Navy sailor, unable to contain the Yin spirits coursing through her body, stormed a pro-Trump street rally, harangued the US patriots assembled there with American flags she had sworn allegiance to, and screamed “Fuck Trump.”(23) Blonde policewomen in Sweden wept and huddled with black female “refugees.” In once-idyllic Zurich, hundreds of white women sat on the ground under a “No Lives Matter Until Black Lives Matter” banner. Male French police officers “brutally beaten” by females-of-colour refused to fight back “due to concerns of police brutality.”(24) Three thousand people, including Reykjavík’s new—and female—Police Commissioner, gathered in a BLM protest in front of Iceland’s parliament building.


The violence, mayhem, and looting accompanying the BLM “protests” were mostly the work of black males. The organizational structure behind BLM has been black female. The Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation that financed and organized much of the mayhem was founded and presided over by three Marxist “women-of-colour”: Patrisse Khan-Cullors, Alicia Garza, and Opal Tometti. Another one, Kailee Scales, was the Managing Director.


Thousand Currents, the far-Left charitable foundation deeply engaged in supporting and financing BLM (25) is run by women. While Fahad Ahmad, a male of Muslim immigrant background, is the chairman, all other names that come up are females: Rajasvini Bhansali (Executive Director), Jennifer Lentfer (Director of Communications), Jessie Spector (Director of Donor Organizing)(26) and the double-dipping Kailee Scales(27) Famously, convicted terrorist Susan Rosenberg, member of the Weather Underground and of women-run M19 Communist terror group,(28) pardoned by Bill Clinton after 16 years in prison, is now the vice-chair of Thousand Currents’ board of directors.

White brainwashed women paying to hear from a black woman how racist they are

“The insane “Breathe Act” formed by the BLM coalition to defund the police nationwide and proposing instead to “invest” the money in “a new vision of public safety” is posted at with a photo of a black woman “breathing” and is being pushed in the US Congress by two womyn-of-color, Representatives Ayanna Pressley and Rashida Tlaib. Facts such as the proven certainty that defunding the police will result in murderous anarchy and living hell for low-income Blacks do not matter when aroused estrogen floods the brain cells.” Until recently, the three most “progressive” justices on the US Supreme Court were females: Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Elena Kagan, and Sonia Sotomayor. The first one is now deceased and to be replaced by President Biden based not on her legal competence but the twofer of being a Black female.


Most of the European Commissioners who hold lunatic portfolios have been women: Věra Jourová —“Coordinating work on inclusion and building a genuine Union of equality and diversity”; Mariya Gabriel—“Promoting sport for inclusion and well-being”; Helena Dalli—“Equality”; Ylva Johansson—“A fresh start on migration”; and Jutta Urpilainen—“Building inclusive and equitable partnerships to reduce global poverty.”

Eighty-nine percent of teachers in US public primary schools and 64% in secondary education are female. (29) 50% of college and university faculty are female (30) and it’s much more than that in the chief brainwash disciplines like psychology, English literature, gender studies, feminist studies, and all other Critical Theory areas. 82.8% of Social Work PhD students are female (31). 71% of psychology PhDs are women (32). It's 61.3% in Social and Behavioral “Sciences” in general, 67.8% in Education, and 76.2% - God help us – in Public Administration. (32) To understand what a Doctor of Public Administration is let’s visit the web page of one such program, at Walden University: “Drive positive social change with a top-level degree,” “Learn to better serve diverse populations” (33) – you see where this is going.


America’s teachers’ unions: National Education Teachers’ Association (NEA) and American Federation of Teachers (AFT), filled with women, are perhaps the most powerful far-Left political force in the country; their members are directly responsible for training the last two generations of woke Zombies who are destroying the United States.


A day before Donald Trump’s inauguration, the NEA, AFT and eight other aggressively Socialist, seditionist and racial looting organizations joined forces as The Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools (AROS) in a “National Day of ACTION ... to defend our schools from the Trump/DeVos agenda.” The true intent of the noble-sounding “defend our schools” crawled out in the declaration: “We stand together—as teachers, as parents, as students, and as communities—to say Education Justice is Racial Justice.”(34)


Randi Weingarten, president of the 1.6-million-member AFT, called the election of Donald Trump “disaster to our nation” and said, “It will take decades to overcome the way Donald Trump speaks and promotes violence, xenophobia and racism.”(35) Lily Eskelsen García, president of the 2.3-million-member NEA—the largest labour union in the United States with AFT the second-largest—is a fount of choice rhetoric like “the growing list of racist, hate-fueled acts by the Trump administration”(36) and copious other neo-Bolshevik propaganda hateful of America and delivered partly in Spanish—head spinning for a teacher representing an organization of 2.3 million American teachers. (37)


Like in any other generalization, there are exceptions in this too. There are female Amazons who match or exceed the best of male fighters for the soul of Western civilization. Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Heather Mac Donald, Diana West, and Ilana Mercer come to mind in the US. There is a younger generation coming up, e.g. Laura Loomer, Cassandra Fairbanks, Tomi Lahren, Brittany Pettibone, and Lauren Southern.

In Europe, there have been great female leaders who were elected or appointed not for their female Yin attributes but because they were the best man for the job—Margaret Thatcher in the UK and Beata Szydło in Poland. There are women leaders in the growing European movement to retake Europe from the Zombies: Marine Le Pen and Marion Maréchal in France, Frauke Petry and Alice Weidel of AfD in Germany, Giorgia Meloni in Italy, Pia Kjærsgaard in Denmark, and Siv Jensen in Norway.


Some women writers see the destruction that the feminization of the West has wrought, e.g. Kay Hymowitz and her Manning Up: How the Rise of Women Has Turned Men Into Boys or Christina Hoff Sommers and her The War Against Boys and Who Stole Feminism? There are female critics of feminism like Esther Villar who in her The Manipulated Man argued that Western women are not the oppressed but the oppressor class and called femininity a “morass of kitsch, barbarism, and inanity.”


But all those are the outliers. As Europe and the Anglosphere sink into a Yin swamp of their own doing, the conservative-traditionalist percentage will grow—but never enough to offset the effects of ceaseless population replacement through a stream of “refugees” and “immigrants” from the outside and brainwashing, dumbing-down and degenerating the young, from the inside.


Yin kills

As the West has gotten more feminized, more “feeling” and weaker, its enemies have gotten stronger. America and Western Europe have become more confused and self-eviscerating in proportion to their preoccupation with bathrooms and pronouns for transvestites, faking fitness tests for female combat soldiers, creating “safe spaces” for hysterical college snowflakes, and agonizing over invented race, gender and sexual orientation “discriminations.” Thousands of American universities have committed to fighting "toxic masculinity," competitive sports have been banned in schools on account of equity-offending better performance of boys over girls, a “transsexual” swimmer-with-a-penis is on the University of Pennsylvania women’s swimming team, and California forbids large retailers from having separate boys and girls toy sections. 


Meanwhile, the West’s enemies have become more aggressively masculine while the West is turning all-estrogen. Those macho ones have developed nuclear arsenals, trained their soldiers for wars and launched a proxy jihad, if Muslim, or Reconquista, if Mexican, through immigration. They are smartly, gradually, taking over the stupid infidels’ and gringos’ lands. They have taken advantage of every opportunity offered them by the idiot West, knowing exactly what appearances to keep and which part of Western elites to stroke so that an ejaculate of “inclusion,” “tolerance” “anti-racism,” “multiculturalism” and “diversity” spurts forth. Plus, in the case of American-funded People’s Republic of China, they spent trillions of American dollars earned from the stupid Yank gweilo to gobble and corner strategic resources all over the world, gain leadership in strategic technologies like supercomputers and 5G, and build a military and technological near-superiority over Dr. Frankenstein himself who built up the Chinese creature from nothing to a looming giant and a major threat.


The lethal injection, the vast surfeit of soft power and soft foolishness at the expense of fortitude, courage, psychological stamina, conviction, loyalty to one’s people, and love of one’s culture, has been self-administered. “The future is female” is already upon us, and it’s a sign that the gravity pendulum of human stupidity is close to reaching the far end of its arc on the Yin side of things, where things go really bad. The hint of what the Yin end of the arc of human stupidity portends for Western civilization is in the other half of the world that’s still masculine, detests the feminized Western half, breeds at double and triple rate of the feminized half, and has bested it in every military encounter in the last 70 years, turning even temporary defeats to victories.


The classic symptom of terminal stage Yin poisoning is upon us: every remedy that the ruling elites devise for the evident gross ills that plague Western nations is a Yin remedy piling more Yin on top of too-much Yin. It’s like a terminal alcoholic—alcohol is Yin—after a night of binging, waking up in the morning and having a stiff drink for his hangover.


The future

The West’s leftist feminists, all hundreds of millions of them, and their brow-beaten penis-porters are right: the future is leftist female, with its byproducts of empathy, compassion, emotion, fractional, factional, and fictional identity, obsession with safety, avoidance of rational realism, avoidance of all aggression including “micro-aggression,” and squashing of all considerations, decisions, and people that run counter to the Yin soup in which everything must now swim.


In the female future that has already begun, race and gender are fiction and we are all the same but must celebrate our diversity, racism is white people’s disease, white privilege must be eradicated, Whites’ homes and jobs must be relinquished to Blacks for the sake of racial justice, white society is guilty for black criminals’ criminality, Islam is a religion of peace and Christianity is a religion of war and bigotry, maleness is toxic and must be curbed from birth, bearing babies is unfit for liberated women, and man-boy love must finally be freed from the shackles of bigotry in which it has been bound.

That socialist-feminist-female future is based on altruist social justice. Environmental justice will require the annual transfer of $2 trillion from whitey to Africa and Southeast Asia. Racial justice will require the annual transfer of $1 trillion from American whites to American blacks and browns, and proportionally smaller amounts from the autochthons to the “migrants” in every European country. Demographic justice will require the annual transfer of 30 million Africans to the lands where whitey enjoys his undeserved white space and white privilege. And religious justice will require that the Koran be taught in all public schools, all food served in public be halal, and Muslims be exempt from monogamy and women’s protection laws.


But I have a caveat:

Only the future of the West is leftist female, and only for a while. Ultimately, the future of the West is reactionary male. Except it won’t be the white male any longer but the African and Asian Muslim male within the worldwide Caliphate, or the Chinese male overseeing his colonies of the idiot white baizuo. It’s a future that’s already with us. As George Orwell has predicted, it’s an endless present in which the Party is always right, with periodic interruptions for two minutes of hate-whitey.


The feminization of the West is a fait accompli, a “done deal,” and nothing will stop it until vassalage to the male-run powers of China and the worldwide Caliphate, and also to domestic, testosterone-rich “people of color” will tear it apart, grind it down, and teach it the lesson of its inveterate follies. Pew Research projects based on an optimistic evaluation that the population of imported Muslims and their descendants in Sweden will be 31% in 2050. Sweden is the world’s most feminist country and that percentage will be possibly half again as high.


What it means in reality is a country dead and alive at once like Schrödinger's quantum cat; no longer European but still occupying European land. Smoking, stinking rubble along with “vibrant” mini-Kabuls and Mogadishus; no future, but many thousands of once-Swedish women with face veils and fecund watermelon bellies; decaying industry but a serious Third World-aligned army at last commanded by mustachioed Muslim men; no culture, but no “progressive” depravity either.

Only the eastern quarter of Europe – the Camp of the Sane -- stands in the way of that future in Europe. Until now, that group of former victim countries has been spared the West’s plagues almost completely. Poland and Hungary are the main pillars of that last remaining corner where sanity survives, “white” is not a dirty word, the number of genders is two not sixty-three, and outgroup-directed pathological altruism has not yet replaced the love for one’s own.


It’s either Poland’s and Hungary’s way or Sweden’s way. People of European ancestry who hope for their civilization to survive ought to take a stand for the former.


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