Motion Pepijn van Houwelingen about the North Stream Pipelines

11 april 2024 | Forum for Democracy Intl

On 19 March 2024, FVD MP Pepijn van Houwelingen put down a motion in the Dutch parliament saying that if a state were found to have blown up the Nord Stream pipelines, it should be considered a hostile power.  Now that no one believes Russia did it any more, and that the finger points clearly at the USA (or perhaps Ukraine), every single party in the parliament, except FVD, voted against the motion.



Proposed 19 March 2024

The House,

having heard the debate,

noting that the Nederlandse Gasunie is a shareholder in the Nord Stream gas pipeline with an interest of 9%;

considering that the blowing up of vital infrastructure such as Nord Stream by a state actor is considered an “act of aggression” under international law;

declares that any state actor responsible for blowing up the Nord Stream gas pipeline will be considered a hostile power by the Netherlands

and proceeds with the order of business.

Van Houwelingen


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