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24 mei 2024 | Forum for Democracy Intl

Forum for Democracy is a peace movement. To launch its European Parliament election campaign, FVD has produced one of the great anti-war videos of recent times. It is also one of the very few, the voices for peace being drowned out by the baying warmongers. The short video recounts thirty years of history in three minutes. Starting with the euphoria of the end of the Cold War, it shows remorseless NATO expansion and the various wars of aggression waged by the Alliance and its members - not just Iraq, which everyone remembers, but also NATO’s first war, against Yugoslavia in 1999, which everyone forgets, and Libya in 2011. Whether it is Clinton, Bush, Obama or Biden, US foreign policy is summed up by George W. Bush’s terrible promise: “We will export death and violence to the four corners of the earth in defense of our great nation.” We have to end this madness. Vote FVD.

Watch FVD's anti-war video here



FVD’s lead candidate, Ralf Dekker, has also produced a video for the European elections, laying out the party’s key policies – peace in Ukraine, an end to immigration, an end to crazy climate policies. What is there not to like? Every day brings news which seems to confirm the FVD is right, whether it is the call by the Czech president, a former NATO general, to end the war and sue for peace, or the ongoing economic suicide being committed by Germany in the name of net zero. But FVD also stands unambiguously for Nexit, the only party in the country to do so and one of the very few in Europe. The UK both shows the way forward and also the mistakes to avoid. Nigel Farage was first elected to the European Parliament 25 years ago when no one believed Bexit was possible: Ralf Dekker is the new Farage.

Watch Ralf's election video here



Radicalism means tackling problems at their root. Few scholars do this better than Stephen Baskerville. In an article FVD International is honoured to re-publish, Stephen explains how the Right has lost comprehensively to the Left by allowing the creation of the deep state, sometimes known as the welfare-warfare state. The welfare-warfare state operates according to the Iron Law of Washington, which is also that of Brussels, namely that it perpetuates and aggravates the problems it is supposed to solve, in order to keep its vast army of bureaucrats in work.  Western societies have outsourced citizenship to paid professionals, lawyers and social workers, who in fact destroy society and especially the family structures on which it is based. You should not only read this article: you should read it twice, carefully, to understand what we need to do to get out of this mess.

Read Stephen Baskerville's article here



Genocide has been much in the news lately, with the events in Gaza and the appeal to the International Court of Justice, but you have to go back to Rwanda in 1994 to see the beginning of international law’s attempt to grapple with mass violence. The truth is different from the official narrative, however, as Jeremy Kuzmanov explained in this week’s Forum.

Listen to The Forum here



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