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26 april 2024 | Forum for Democracy Intl

The famous American author, Naomi Wolf, came to Amsterdam recently – her book Facing the Beast has been translated into Dutch. She was interviewed by Thierry Baudet and Ralf Dekker for a special English-language edition of FVD’s weekly show, Forum Inside. It is a fascinating conversation between three highly intelligent people. Naomi’s conversion from famous Democrat activist to conservative-friendly anti-globalist is stunning: Covid was the cause. She describes how a single Tweet of hers about the side effects of vaccines turned her three-decade long career upside down. Suddenly, she was ostracized by her friends and colleagues and treated as a pariah. She is eloquent and knowledgeable about the ravages caused by the vaccines and about the lies told to cover them up; she is fascinating when she starts to speculate on the metaphysical and even religious dimension of these blatant acts of evil. Watch the interview with Naomi Wolf (and enjoy the subtitle generated by Youtube’s algorithms).

Watch the interview with Naomi Wolf here



“The Beast” in the title of Naomi’s book is presumably an allusion to the Apocalypse. The blood-dimmed tide has certainly been loosed, in Ukraine as in Gaza, and the collective West seems determined to ensure that it will continue to flow. Where are the voices calling for peace? FVD is nearly alone in Europe calling for de-escalation, as Pepijn van Houwelingen did recently in the Second Chamber of the Dutch parliament during a debate with the Prime Minister, Mark Rutte. Rutte says Russia must not be allowed to win but what does that mean? What are the West’s goals and can it achieve them? There are no clear answers to these obvious questions. Is the policy death for death’s sake?  Only Pepijn’s and FVD’s message is clear: “Stop the war. Choose peace.”

Watch Pepijn van Houwelingen's speech here

Read Pepijn van Houwelingen's speech here



FVD likes to go to the root of problems. It is for this reason that we are delighted and honoured to publish an essay by the Dutch philosopher, J. M. Koenraadt, attacking scientific materialism. Ever since the dawn of modernity in the early 17th century, so-called exact sciences like physics and mathematics have seduced philosophers into believing that man can achieve certainty and that he can use that certainty to wield power. It is an intoxicating view, and one which has led to the current domination of economics over political debate. Covid taught us what horrors flow from this obsession with science. But is the world really governed by the laws of physics, like a machine? And how plausible is materialism as an explanation of the nature of time or the history of the universe? Koenraadt calls on us to abandon the myth of Utopian progressivism and to return to tradition, i.e. to thinking for ourselves.

Read J.M. Koenraadt's article here



Dr Alexander Korbee was our guest for The Forum, our weekly X-Space. He believes that modern medicine has become too specialised and materialist and argues instead for “functional medicine,” looking at the totality of the body and the mind in search of the deep causes of illness. If you missed the Space, you can listen back to it by clicking below.

Listen to The Forum here



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