Our children are under attack

31 maart 2023 | Forum for Democracy

In the Netherlands and around the world, children are being targeted by transgender activists and sex educationalists in schools who teach them about oral sex, anal sex, masturbation and sex changes.  

Children in primary school are being told that boys can become girls, and vice-versa; they are encouraged to think that this is a good thing; and they are given lessons about how to perform in bed.

This is an assault on innocence and a usurpation of the rights and duties of parents to pass on healthy values to the next generation. It is also very close to sexual grooming.  Paedophiles claim that their victims like what they do to them and this sort of explicit sex education given to the very young will only confirm this vile assumption.

Forum for Democracy demands that this stops. It is sounding the alarm in the Netherlands and will campaign against this in the whole of Europe across the world. Whether it is groups which promote sex changes in the young in Britain, or famous Paris art museums which exhibit sadistic paedo-porn, this normalization of paedophilia, and the sexual grooming of children, must end.

Our MP Simone Kerseboom calls on parents worldwide to take action: join our campaign and tell us about your experiences at [email protected].


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