Ralf Dekker's Speech at The New Leaders of Europe Conference in Sofia

12 april 2024 | Forum for Democracy Intl

Dear Future leaders of Europe, dear ladies and gentlemen,

It is with great pleasure and pride that I address you here today in the beautiful city of Sofia. My name is Ralf Dekker. I am the leading candidate on the list of Forum for Democracy for the European Parliament elections.

Forum for Democracy, FVD, is the political party in the Netherlands with the largest number of members, around 60,000. At this moment in time FVD holds five seats in the Dutch parliament and one seat in the European parliament. FVD aims to be more of a movement than a political party. We have set up an app where vendor and client can meet across all business sectors, thousands of businesses are on it as well as tens of thousands of FVD-members. We created a non-woke primary school. We set up a publishing company, Amsterdam Books, a food box delivery company that connects food farmers directly to consumers, Eerlijk Eten (‘Eat Honestly’ or ‘Honest Eating’). And we have a studio where we do a weekly video news show, Forum Inside, with up to over 100,000 viewers weekly.

We are also active internationally.  FVD International has a weekly Newsletter in English which reaches a large audience – I encourage you to sign up!  It also organises a weekly X-Space, on Wednesdays at 5pm Sofia time, also in English to discuss the great issues of the day.  This way, FVD aims to become a hub for woke-free thought around Europe and the world.

All this to create and help develop a community of the like-minded.

The main political theme of Forum for Democracy can be summarized as: forcefully opposing globalist directions and tendencies and actively promoting traditional values, responsible citizenship and common sense.

We feel that our approach to politics and society rests on the quest for truth and honesty. We did not seek political careers, but we find ourselves being the only true opposition party in the Dutch parliament. All the other parties bicker over minor details but do not seem to differ on the major themes. The mega-trends that almost come naturally, where hardly anyone in the larger public is in favour of, never have been voted for, but seem to happen anyway.

For example: the numerous ‘transitions’ that seem to be unavoidable and are presented as positive worldwide developments that will bring society to a state of Valhalla.

Like the ‘energy transition’. Instead of reliable traditional fuel based power we need to go to intermittent, unreliable, landscape and nature ruining energy sources that do not work and are eye-wateringly expensive. A scam, enriching a handful of rent seekers at the expense of the little man who sees his energy bill skyrocket and his landscape demolished. And all that because of a supposedly worldwide, completely made-up fake ‘climate-problem’.

How about the Healthcare transition? With the WHO as the worldwide ministry of health. Apparently our governments have feel no hesitancy in blindly following WHO-procedures and forcing the public into submission, locking them up, pressing and gaslighting them into taking unproven injections. Creating considerably more harm than benefit. All based on corrupt science and outright deceit. All of course being sold as ‘for your own protection’. 

And what to say about the ever increasing control and grip of governments and governing structures? Controlling and limiting freedom of speech, censoring. But also increasingly monitoring all the whereabouts of citizens through BigTech and through BigFinance, culminating into digital ID and CBDC projects. 

A trend where The Netherlands unfortunately seems to be a frontrunner is the LGBTQI-plus promotion. Male and female, husband and wife are concepts of the past. Where sexuality is concerned there are dozens of preferences, called ‘genders’, of which heterosexual male and female are only two. The old-fashioned ones. Children in school are actively introduced to this wide variation and are also made aware of the range of sex-change procedures available. That is the T category, trans. Another ‘transition’ as I mentioned earlier.

And then, last but not least, we are lured into a war against the biggest military and nuclear power of the world, based on a largely made-up and completely one-sided narrative that all the Western media blast out all the time. Diplomacy seems to be out of the window, war is peace, ignorance is bliss. The military industrial complex profits. The little man suffers and dies.

These and other megatrends are being managed and promoted by governing structures that are more and more supranational. Ever further away from the public, from the electorate. 

A technocracy, constantly on the lookout for increased efficiency. Where democratic processes, civilians and voters are seen as obstacles to efficient management of society. Where ‘divide and conquer’ is applied. Where humanism is a mere inefficiency. 

That is the globalism we are opposing. 

Ladies and gentlemen. These are grim times, where normalcy is often being framed as outrageous. The absurd seems to have become the norm.

In this context it seems strange at first glance for FVD to apply for seats in the European Parliament. And also it feels counterintuitive to some, for FVD to develop an international profile and network. ‘Should we not concentrate on domestic issues and refrain from internationalism?’ is an often heard criticism.

To that we say ‘On the contrary!’ First of all, it is inspiring for our movement to meet like-minded people from other countries. Secondly, although we do not intend to create international political party structures, we think that we can learn from each other’s experiences, work together in the EU madhouse to stop or at least slow down developments and through contacts and exchanges strengthen each others’ structures and movements. 

It is a thrill to further cement relationships, build new ones and create a strength in togetherness. 

We are up against a global cabal. Let’s create strong international networks ourselves to counter that.

Thank you.


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