Part 2 - Targeting the vulnerable: Why Woke wants our children

12 mei 2023 | Simone Kerseboom

In Part 1, ‘Bearing the Nation: “Woman” as the last Bastion’, I discussed why womanhood as an exclusive category has come under attack by woke Leftists, trans-activists, and gender theorists. The deconstruction of the meaning of “woman” is an essential step for these Cultural Marxists to facilitate the eventual breakdown of the family unit, which functions as a synonym for the nation. Without the family as a principal structure on which to build a free society and a world of independent nation states, people are uprooted and their loyalty will be formed in such a way during their formative years that it extends solely to the State - whatever form that State might assume. Furthermore, by denying the biological facts of womanhood and, by extension, motherhood, children can be “birthed” and raised by men or machines in a world without any concept of normalcy or a sense of sacredness. When nothing is holy, everything is fair game.

With the destruction of womanhood as the last bastion of the nation, the state and the woke ideologists and activists who control the educational institutions have unlimited access to children. This is the natural consequence of de-masculinisation, emancipation, and the disappearance of womanhood. And this is exactly the outcome that these woke institutions and activists aim for. 

Deconstructing the white patriarchy

Wokeness, informed by Cultural Marxism and Postmodernism, does not believe in ultimate truths, in good or evil, right or wrong. It believes that nothing has a true meaning outside of the meaning that you create for yourself. Woke ideologists and activists operate under the ingrained belief that they have access to this “truth” about the functioning of society which others fail to see because they are still brainwashed by the current system of power - the white patriarchy. This believes that humans can only be male or female and that thinking in binaries is an essential part of the human experience. They believe that the social conditioning which keeps the white patriarchy in place, and thus privileges this system, has ensured that we believe in the idea that there are only two biological sexes, that only women can give birth, and that there is a difference between the sexes. 

This moral and social fluidity stands in stark contrast to the firmly rooted traditions which have shaped our societies and over thousands of years and which have ensured their survival. But only the woke can see that you are wrong, that these thousands of years of history are wrong, that sex and gender are nothing more than a social construct which needs to be deconstructed, and it is therefore up to them to spread their knowledge. The biggest problem that woke faces - with, amongst others, their belief that men can have vaginas and women can have penises - is that no one else believes them. Their beliefs are so absurd, that no sane adult can take them seriously. For the woke lobby, that is because we have been socialised to believe the ‘lies’ that the current system of oppression is telling us. But there is a category of humans which has not yet been fully socialised. With a religious zealousness, the woke lobby aims to spread the “truth” to which it has “awakened” those not yet shaped by the oppressive white patriarchy - children. 

Converting children to the Church of Woke

Children are the perfect blank canvases on which to project a new Cultural-Marxist anti-family and anti-nation globalist ideology which it is impossible to imprint on adults who have experienced the importance of family, the idea of home and belonging, and who fundamentally and instinctively understand the biological differences between the two sexes. Once the family unit has been broken up into its individual components, with parents working all day, while the raising and socialisation of children is left to the schools, day-cares, and after-school programmes, the traditions, values, and religious beliefs that were once passed on from generation to generation within the home, will cease to exist. 

In their place, teachers will pass on the state ideology, informed by the woke agenda, in the form of the curriculum during class time. Children, spending most of their time away from the home and their parents, will come to see their teachers and the sources they consult as the primary carriers of knowledge and truth.  Groupthink, cancel culture, and peer pressure will ensure that any questions or criticisms that parents might still attempt to broach, are quickly sidelined. This is the perfect recipe for creating a new generation of individualised adults who feel no connection to family or country and who blindly believe that morality, gender, and sex are fluid concepts - that binaries and truth do not exist. The only truth that exists is the truth that you create your own reality, meaning, and value in this life. But even that reality has, of course, been informed by the woke curriculum at schools and universities, supported by the media. This will be a world where the traditions, cultures, and religions that shaped societies and their values and ensured that they functioned are erased to make way for a new, globalist ideology that forges the ultimate individualised, atomised human beings, mindful of and subservient to nothing but the state. This is the globalist utopia.

Producing content for woke indoctrination of children

In countries across the Western world, this battle for the minds of the children has taken on macabre forms, from drag queen reading hours at public libraries to the sexualisation of children as young as four years old in schools under the misnomer of sexual education. In the Netherlands, Spring Fling Week (Week van de Lentekriebels) is a week in which primary schools across the country provide sexual education to their pupils. 

However, when it recently became clear what was actually being taught under the guise of “sexual education”, (masturbation, transgenderism, sexual acts, etc.), it caused an uproar, and rightfully so. More importantly, the foundation which provides this “educational” material to schools, the Rutgers Foundation, is an organisation founded from paedophile sexual rights groups.[1] Meanwhile, an increasing number of children’s books addressing gender transitioning are being published.[2]  On television programmes like Gewoon Bloot. (“Simply naked,” based on the Danish programme Ultra smider tøjet), adults expose their naked bodies to children who can then ask questions. In one particular episode, naked transgenders explain to children between the ages of 10 to 12 how wonderful, even euphoric, it is to transition and that you can be born like a boy but feel like a girl on the inside, or the other way around, or that you can even feel like “nothing”.[3]

The idea that your body does not reflect the way you feel inside, or that you feel uncomfortable in your body, is being brought as a valid argument for mutilating an otherwise healthy body in order to reflect a feeling you might have. This blatantly ignores the fact that many of us felt somewhat uncomfortable with our bodies when becoming teenagers and that this is, in fact, normal. The supposed innocent and jovial presentation is nothing short of a Disneyfication of bodily mutilation. The format of this television programme is also broadcast in the UK (Naked Education), where it was also met with a barrage of complaints about adults stripping naked in front of children.

Leading the resistance

By going after our children, woke has overplayed its hand. Conservatives, always on the backfoot when it comes to responding to progressive challenges, said “ok” to the normalisation of homosexuality, we said “ok” to gay marriage, we said “ok” when men wanted to become women, and we said “ok” when men wanted access to women’s spaces. But by attempting to destroy the minds and innocence of our children through sexualisation and anti-family indoctrination in our schools and through the media, woke has gone a step too far. When woke said that it wanted our children, we said, “No.”

Outrage, uproar, and complaints by parents and conservatives are just one facet of the pushback we are seeing in the Western world. Florida, for example, has implemented several child-protection laws specifically aimed at the woke agenda. But it is essential that parents who want to protect their children, and conservatives in general, are made aware of what is being taught to their children when they are away from the protective space of their families. They need to be aware of the subtle - or not so subtle - messaging in children’s programmes and in books.

Most of all, when it comes to our children, we need to speak out in chorus, unwavering in the face of cancel culture, of being called bigots, fascists, homophobes and worse. Conservatives need to stop thinking that woke will leave them alone, that being decent to woke ideologists will eventually lead to a discourse of mutual respect. This is not how woke works. We need to form alliances that put aside the petty squabbling about particularities that has characterised the conservative bubble and actively reaffirm our values - our love for the nation, our traditions, the home, and the family. We need to support one another and speak up fearlessly, fiercely and bluntly. There are no apologies when we act to protect our children. There is no retreat and there will be no turning back.


[1] Everardus, ‘De Radicale Grondleggers van Rutgers’, Reactionair, at




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