The Budapest Declaration for a Free Europe of Nations

28 augustus 2023 | Forum for Democracy Intl

We, the delegates of the Budapest summit for a Europe of nations, are fiercely committed to the fundamental European and human values of democracy, freedom, national and individual sovereignty.

We declare:

1. We are in favour of free cooperation between sovereign, independent nations in Europe, for the greater good, and opposed to supranational, bureaucratic and unaccountable global governance. We are in favour of independent national foreign policies and opposed to the policy of blocs.

2. We are in favour of open economies based on fair exchange and deeply opposed to the industrially and criminally organised mass immigration which our societies cannot sustain and which are the inevitable result of the policy of a borderless Europe. Both legal and illegal immigration must be stopped.

3. We are in favour of traditional family structures, and of the protection of children, and opposed to wokeism and LGBTQIA+ so-called values which are corrosive of national cohesion and common sense.

4. We are in favour of rejecting the ideology formulated by the world organisations financed by global corporations and financiers, which would deprive people of their freedom and which, as if in some kind of dress rehearsal, have restricted the people's freedoms by using Covid as a pretext, while enriching the global corporations and financiers with incredible amounts of money.

5. We are in favour of national democracy and opposed to the burgeoning institutions of global governance like the EU, the WHO and the UN with its so-called “sustainable development goals” which are in reality nothing but a programme for world government.

6. We are in favour of private property (the bedrock of all liberties, currently held in contempt by high tax and arbitrary expropriation, including of farmland) and opposed to today's finance-based post-industrial virtual economy controlled by unaccountable central banks. We are in favour of sound money and opposed to inflation (which robs the poor to pay the rich) and all forms of central control, especially Central Bank Digital Currencies.

7. We are in favour of free speech and against the ever-growing pressure of censorship and taboos which stifle debate, infantilise our intellects and prevent us from getting to the truth.

We want to strengthen our transnational cooperation, in whatever form, to promote these values.


László Toroczkai                                                                                                                                                Mi Hazánk Mozgalom

Thierry Baudet                                                                                                                                            Forum voor Democratie

Kostadin Kostadinov                                                                                                                         Възраждане

Mikael Jansson                                                                                                                                      Alternativ för Sverige

Nicolas A. Rimoldi                                                                                                                                      MASS-VOLL!

Josef Nerušil                                                                                                                                            Svoboda a přímá demokracie

26 August 2023


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