The King eats a worm burger

01 februari 2024 | Forum for Democracy

Last week, the Netherlands was captivated by remarkable footage showing the Dutch King Willem visiting an insect farm and indulging in a worm burger. This event fits into a wider pattern that is now unfolding. International organisations, governments and even our royal family are advocating a radical agenda: a total revolution of our way of life. It is a phenomenon they refer to as the 'protein transition'; in which natural, animal products must be replaced by man-made alternatives.

The Netherlands is taking a leading role in this, acting as a kind of testing ground for globalism. The Dutch government is strongly represented at the World Economic Forum. The Netherlands was the first country to make plans to expropriate farmers and it is even the country where cultured meat was invented.

A radical agenda

The profound idea behind these developments is that humans should get away from nature – that they should control the world through technology and chemistry. This includes genetic modification of crops, replacing animal products with laboratory-created alternatives - yes, even ultimately striving to change humans themselves through transhumanism.

Multinationals and large companies in the food industry are also part of this movement. For example, Unilever has developed a "Future Foods" programme, as a commitment to the protein transition.  The supermarket chain Albert Heijn launched its new AH Terra brand, with the explicit goal that 50% of the proteins they sell will be of plant origin by 2025. Both companies are members of the World Economic Forum. Quality meat, meanwhile, is being made increasingly unattainable for most people.

Maintaining a healthy, natural diet

FVD does not believe in this hubris. It is not our place to manipulate nature on this scale. The rollout of mRNA vaccines was another clear example of this: something that was considered proven by "science" turned out to have unpredictable side effects. We believe in restraint in this area and favour a healthy connection between humans and nature. Therefore, we also believe that the human dimension should return to the food chain. It is better to eat food from the land than from a test tube.

We are the only party that has been fighting from day 1 to preserve our millennia-old agricultural tradition, because only agriculture can ensure this connection between man and nature.

That is also why we started an initiative: EerlijkEten (Honest Eating). We want to form the largest possible network of farmers and consumers so that agriculture in the Netherlands is preserved in the future. We want to bypass supermarket chains and big business by allowing consumers to buy directly from producers. This is good for farmers, because they regain their autonomy, and for consumers, who regain access to high-quality food.

The bigger our network, the more resistance we can offer to international organisations and governments that want to slowly make farmers disappear - and who want to replace naturally produced products with artificial alternatives, such as E-number burgers, cultured meat and insects.

EerlijkEten is a company that brings fresh produce straight from the land into people's homes. It is different from other meal services: no precisely measured bags of pine nuts and recipes you have to make, but healthy staples that let you choose what to make.

The Groceries Box contains the best meat from Dutch farmers, healthy fruit and vegetables, potatoes, pasta and something extra every week. EerlijkEten also recently launched the Meat Box, for the true carnivore: premium meat, exclusively from Dutch farmers, no hormones or additives and always from animals that have had a good life.

With EerlijkEten, you contribute to the preservation of the agricultural sector in the Netherlands and gain access to fairly produced, healthy food. Read more on the EerlijkEten website and try it too!



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