The looming danger of war

15 maart 2023 | Forum for Democracy

The Netherlands' role in the war against Russia is growing.  We are now functioning as a transit country for tanks, sending weapons and money. Soon, F-16s will be added, thanks to the warmongering politics of the Dutch socialists and others. Escalation is not shunned. Instead of aiming for peace, sitting down and sparing human lives, the cartel is pushing us ever further into a war that is not ours.

This gives us every cause to worry, according to FVD party leader Thierry Baudet. After all, the heavy losses on the Ukrainian side mean that not only equipment, but possibly also troops will be deployed from NATO. Baudet has said that it could therefore be that Dutch soldiers will be sent to Ukraine. Combined with the emerging demand for a return to conscription, this is a very frightening development.

Baudet therefore tabled a motion to rule out that Dutch conscripts will be sent to Ukraine. The House voted overwhelmingly AGAINST it. SP, Denk, D66, CDA, GroenLinks, Partij voor de Dieren, VVD, Volt, SGP and the Omtzigt, Den Haan and Gundogan groups do not want to rule out the possibility that Dutch youngsters - your sons, daughters, brothers or sisters - will be forced to fight against Russia.

The provincial elections on 15 March are also indirect elections to the Upper House of the Dutch parliament. That is where the decision-making power lies. Voters should remember this motion well when they walk into the voting booth. These elections are about war or peace - about life or death!


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