The Sofia Declaration

12 april 2024 | Forum for Democracy Intl


Europe is in an existential crisis. The values that founded European civilization are threatened and called into question by aggressive globalist ideologies. Democracy and the people’s right to self-determination are being replaced by the dictatorship of an unelected bureaucracy accountable to no one. Economic security is threatened by the interests of international corporations and financial institutions. Freedom of speech is giving way to massive censorship. A war is waged on the European continent that could engulf it entirely – for the third time in the last 100 years. 

In its current form, the European Union cannot provide an institutional response to these challenges. The agenda of those who claim to be its leaders is fundamentally different from the agenda of the majority of citizens. The crisis of confidence in this EU has reached alarming levels that threaten the future of European civilization. Guided by our principles, we unite behind the following goals in the next mandate of the European Parliament:

1. Europe must stop being an economic area dominated by the interests of multinational corporations and financial institutions. Our continent must be a political space of relationships and connections between equal and sovereign states.

2. The power of the unaccountable bureaucracy must be stopped. Democratic power rests with the citizens and they, not the Brussels bureaucrats, should decide how they want to live.

3. The war in Europe must be stopped and that can only happen through peace negotiations. European civilization is based on peace. And on this basis, the countries of Europe must become an independent and powerful factor in international politics. 

The upcoming European Parliament elections are taking place at a very important and historical point in time. If we do not now categorically state that we cannot continue like this anymore, we face the threat of losing our Europe. We, who stand behind this declaration with our signatures, will not allow it! 

Kostadin Kostadinov

Evangelos Tsiompanidis
(Agricultural Livestock Party of Greece)

Natalia Parasca
(Revival Party)

Ralf Dekker
Forum for Democracy
The Netherlands

Milan Uhrik

Goran Igić

János Árgyelán
(Our Homeland)

Gustav Kasselstrand
(Alternative for Sweden)

Nicolaas Rimoldi




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