The Sustainable Development Goals are a totalitarian programme for world government

08 februari 2024 | Thierry Baudet

Speech by Thierry Baudet to the Lower House of the Dutch parliament, 30 January 2024



Today we are discussing the budget of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation - the ministry that is - and few people know this - central to the implementation of the controversial 'Sustainable Development Goals'.

These Sustainable Development Goals =are to be implemented by the ministry both in the Netherlands itself, and in other countries, such as those we do business with. It is these goals that together form the very heart of the globalist agenda. 

Here they are. This is what the road to hell looks like. The true course of the 'Great Reset'.

The SDGs are presented in cheerful colours; with an attractive emblem that can also be pinned to the lapel of your jacket. They are advertised on large banners in front of colleges and universities; companies 'commit' to them; politicians consider the goals as the underlying roadmap for all big societal projects. It is where global elites find each other. Despite all the apparent differences, on this main direction they all simply agree.

And what exactly does that main direction entail? What is the underlying route that the ministry is allowing to permeate all projects and all plans which we could now discuss at a detailed level, but which we want to put on the agenda at a much more fundamental level?

The essence is constantly the same. It always comes down to a socialist - or perhaps you could even say a neo-communist - idea, of centralisation, of government interference, of equalisation and control over our lives, through ‘public private partnerships’. Through a scary amalgamation of supra-national organisations, on the one hand, and multinational corporations on the other hand, which really only have one thing in common, and that is that they both cannot be controlled by any democratic collective.

The globalist plan is, through 17 different side-paths, along 17 different routes, by 17 different 'goals' 'for sustainable development', to complete the attack on the nation-state, to bring the great European civilisation into definitive transition; and to establish global technocratic governance, not much different from what Tocqueville already feared and foresaw and abhorred as the absolute nadir of humanity, the end of liberty, the zero point of life of on earth.

Mr. Chairman, it is this ministry that we are talking about today that propagates, implements and promotes these controversial, extremely radical goals, both within the Netherlands and without.

Take SDG Goal 1. No poverty. “Who could be against that?” you would think at first glance. But in practice, it means global redistribution of wealth until there is total equality. Because 'poverty' is a relative concept. Where there is human freedom, there inequality and - hence - poverty. Even if it’s only relative compared to the ‘rich’. The goal of 'no poverty' means nothing less than totalitarianism.

Or take SDG Goal 2: No hunger. In practice, that too means massive redistribution, totalitarian control and a global super-state; how else will you ensure that no one on earth will ever go hungry? That no one will ever have a shortage? An utterly absurd and unachievable and therefore tyrannical, totalitarian idea.

Or SDG Goal 3: Health and well-being. That means the World Health Organisation, the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation - and in its wake, Big Pharma - are going to form a kind of global 'ministry of public health', and will soon determine when there is a 'pandemic', when we need to go back into 'lockdown', what medicine we’re not allowed to take and what vaccinations we’re forced to have

SDG goal 8. Inclusive economic growth, employment and decent work for all. It really says that. Again, something that sounds nice, but in practice means a universal basic income, because not everybody can work and not everyone can have a job, so the state will have to jump in. It will also all have to be ‘inclusive’, so that means ‘gender neutrality’. There will have to be control against possible dirty money, so the abolition of cash money. You can picture it all already. All of the totalitarian consequences that we can see growing around us every day, on the news. You just have to look around you to picture the future. This is what it means. This is the route we have chosen. This is the road humanity has taken. Small and medium-sized enterprises will disappear. Only a few multinationals can survive in the globalised economy, because they will strike a bargain with supranational bodies.

You can see it in SDG goal 9. Establishing infrastructure for sustainable industrialisation. Of course, this simply means that no one will be allowed to travel freely anymore. Private car ownership will be made unaffordable and other travel restrictions will be put in place. It must be sustainable after all, right?

On and on. Every time a terrible totalitarian reality turns out to be hidden behind an apparently noble goal.

Reducing inequality within and between countries, SDG goal 10. That means Dutch tax money going to Africa, and Africans coming to the Netherlands; it means ECB buy-up programmes to finance southern Europe, it means socialism, sky-high taxes, and so on.

And finally, the last goal; strengthening global partnership to achieve these goals.

And that means: the formation of a world state run by the United Nations, financed by the World Bank, complete phasing out of national sovereignty, liberty, private property and democracy. And, of course, perpetual war with those parts of the world that do not participate in the globalist power grab.

Indeed, any right-thinking person shudders at all these plans. Any right-thinking person realizes that we are dealing with maniacs. But let there be no misunderstanding: this is the direction in which the global elites are moving. This is the mental virus with which they are afflicted. With Orwellian inversion, the reality of their plans is disguised with seemingly laudable, 'humane' euphemisms.

And this ministry implements it. Is the minister even vaguely aware of the tyrannical implications that the Sustainable Development Goals carry? Does he understand that the underlying philosophical framework of all his policies is based on nothing less than vulgar neo-communism?

Socialism and liberalism - the apparent opponents in 19th-century political theory - have come to synthesis in this fusion of supranational governance and multinational corporate power. Big business and big government go hand in hand. The managers have seized power. “Public-private partnerships,” it’s called.

And the citizen, the national economy, liberty, democracy, the nation state: they lose out. 

The farmers who are being competed away by the mass-meat with hormones and other junk from abroad. Entrepreneurs that are suffering from our tax burden. Families that have no more time for their own children because they have to work all day.

Shall we start with concerning ourselves with the Netherlands, and the Dutch development cooperation which is desperately needed in our own country?


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