Time for a German foreign policy for Germany

15 november 2022 | Stefan Korte

Anyone who still has an ounce of common sense and who has been watching politics in Germany and the world in recent weeks and months cannot fail to notice that decisions and actions taken against the interests of the German population, against Germany, and against the interests of the sovereign peoples of Europe, have massively increased.

Too few people notice how immense is the negative influence of the USA in Europe and how widespread is the servility towards instructions which come from the other side of the Atlantic.  The fact that the USA is ruthlessly forcing a geopolitical power shift in Europe, and that they are thereby heightening the risk of the current conflict spreading even further, is evidently an acceptable and unimportant problem for those who hold power in Washington.  No one has the guts to call a spade a spade.  This of course does not mean that the Russians are in the right or that they do everything correctly, but the activities undertaken by the USA since the outbreak of the war and shortly beforehand are sufficient for a UN Tribunal and the European Court of Human Rights.

Regarding the sabotage of the North Stream pipelines, it must be clearly stated that German interests were at stake and that immense economic damage has been done to the Federal Republic of Germany and its population.  Without any doubt, this damage has the potential to constitute an existential threat.  It is unanimously accepted in the EU and NATO that the sabotage was carried out by a state, or at least that a state ordered the act.  This means that this “rogue state” has carried out an act of war against Germany.  But even the German government itself is too cowardly to say this out loud.  Instead, the rhetoric against Russia is becoming ever sharper and arms deliveries, at the expense of the German taxpayer, are not coming to an end but increasing.

Yet what the political establishment dares not do must be openly discussed, without ambiguity.    The attack on the North Stream pipelines was an attack on Germany, carried out with the goal of severely harming the Germany economy in the West and the East and thereby to ensure that in the long term there will be no normalisation of gas prices.  It is clear that the consequences of this are also intentional.  It was equally an attack on the German population, which will suffer massively as a result in that consumers will have to pay drastically higher prices for energy.  Indeed, those prices have already risen.  The desired outcome is the destabilisation of Germany.  This means that it was also an attack on German sovereignty – or should that be Germany’s pretend sovereignty?

No established news outlet in Europe, whether a broadcaster or a newspaper, and no news agency, dares to formulate the question clearly.  This is either because they have already been taken over or that they are afraid of being branded propagandists for conspiracy theorists and right-wing populists and thereby to lose their supposed credibility.

As soon as it became clear that it was an act of sabotage, therefore, it was essential to find a guilty party as quickly as possible.  Naturally, one was immediately found.  Of course it was the Russians.  At least that is the opinion of the Norwegian military scientist and naval officer, Ivar Strömmen.  According to him, only Russia had the means and a plausible motive to blow up its own pipelines.  Apparently Russia want to legitimise the fact that it is currently not delivering any gas to Europe.  I’m terribly sorry but either this man has just escaped from a lunatic asylum or he has been paid a lot of money to spread such nonsense in his own name.  The fact that a large US naval contingent was en route Eastwards in the Baltic at that time was of course a pure coincidence. But let us look at the matter through forensic glasses.  In order to commit any crime, there needs to be a motive, means and opportunity.

Well, are there any other suspects?  How about the USA?  Did they have a motive?  Of course they did!  For years the Americans have been fighting these Russian pipelines.  They have been trying to sell their own expensive fracking gas.  There are documents which prove that the Americans were ready to take the necessary measures in Europe in order to be able to sell their own energy resources. I think that only people who still believe in weapons of mass destruction in Iraq will doubt that the Americans have the necessary means to carry out such an act of sabotage.  The opportunity was more than favourable even though it might perhaps appear a little too obvious.

Against the fairy tale that the Russian blew up their own pipelines, my view is that there has been heavy surveillance of the Baltic, precisely at this time.  A further proof is provided by what Joe Biden said in January in front of the press when he said very clearly that there would be no North Stream II if the Russians invaded Ukraine.  When a reporter asked him how the US would do that, given that the pipeline was under German control, he replied that she would be sure that the Americans would find a way.  As if that were no enough, Victoria Nuland, Undersecretary of State, used the same words on an earlier occasion.  The Americans have locked people up with far lower level of proof than this.  So why does no one in official quarters name the USA as a principal suspect?

An ally who acts unscrupulously against the interests of a partner country or who pushes through its own interests using force, lies and sabotage to damage its partners, is no ally.  Instead, it is a cuckoo who pushes other birds out of the nest and who does not hesitate to sacrifice its own partners on the geopolitical battlefield.

We urgently need a true German foreign policy, based on German interests and on the desire for international cooperation between equals.  The days of “Yes, Sir!” against the winners of earlier wars and supposed allies must come to an end.

German interests in our own country must have top priority.  Only when Germany has consolidated its own affairs socially, politically and economically can it allow itself to help other nations and peoples with German tax-payer's money.  This endless paying for foreigners and other states must stop. Germany and the German people have been abused too long as a milch cow.  Money has been taken without the slightest show of respect for those who gave it and worked for it.  We will not allow this to continue.  People in our country will rise up against this and against the many other injustices committed against the German people, and quite rightly so.


Stefan Korte is a foreign policy adviser who for many years worked in the Bundestag as an adviser to Bundestag members from the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland).


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