Why FVD is different

07 februari 2023 | Thierry Baudet

Yesterday, I was installed as a member of the Provincial Council of North Holland. It is wonderful to be able to fulfil the role of people's representative at provincial level too! I spoke on TATA steel, on mobility and on nitrogen. A perfect prelude to the provincial elections on 15 March!

I also saw some former colleagues who split off from my party, Forum for Democracy, in 2020 - Annabel Nanninga, Ivo Mantel, Daniël van den Berg. It struck me how incredibly leftist and centrist their views had become. These people - whom I selected myself four years ago - were originally elected on a campaign against overblown climate and environmental policies, against the EU, against immigration. Yesterday in the Provincial Council, they referred to the forced recycling of washing machine water (!) as 'sympathetic', they said they wanted to make blast furnaces 'sustainable', and in the Lower House of Parliament they are now pro-EU, pro-'real refugees', pro-NATO and pro-mRNA vaccines. No wonder they are a darling of the press.

Once again I realised that Forum for Democracy is fundamentally different from all other parties. In my new book, Gideon’s Men, I go into that in detail. I write about everything that has happened and about the possibilities for the future.

I discuss the cult of woke-ism, the war in Ukraine, Covid, the World Economic Forum, repopulation and the shadow power in the background.   I also go into the fundamental difference between us and all those other so-called opposition parties.

I call it policy opposition versus system opposition. JA21, that motley collection of people who split off from FVD, but likewise Caroline van der Plas's BBB, Wybren van Haga's BVNL, and so on - all of them want to oppose at policy level. They criticise specific policies but they do not dispute the policy's basic assumptions. In the Lower House, Joost Eerdmans starts his climate speeches with, "Of course we have to reduce CO2, but...".  They are not in favour of NEXIT, not against the Covid story at all.  At the provincial level, they go along completely with the nitrogen story (that nitrogen emissions need to be reduced by reducing the amount of marlmand).

They want it all to cost just a bit less, to distribute the burden just a bit better.  They do not put up a real, fundamental opposition.

Forum for Democracy, on the other hand, does. We are conducting what I call systemic opposition. We attack the basic assumptions on which current policy is based. Only then can you really propose and want something different.

As in the Bible story of Gideon’s Men (Judges 6), we at FVD are a small group of idealists. We fight for the preservation of our country, for future generations, for eternity in short. Not for ourselves. Not for a job or being liked by the system.

As we stand on the eve of a new Provincial Council election - how quickly the past four years have gone by! - I have written down the founding principles of our party. I explain why FVD is substantially different from all other parties. I identify the opponent's true nature and ideology. And I outline the path to victory.


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