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21 april 2024 | Forum for Democracy Intl

FVD’s lead candidate in the European elections, Ralf Dekker, and FVD International’s director, John Laughland, travelled to Sofia last week for a conference entitled ‘The New Leaders of Europe’, organized by the insurgent Revival party in Bulgaria led by Kostadin Kostadinov. There were speakers from Hungary, Slovakia, Moldova, Switzerland, Sweden and Greece. The delegates signed the Sofia Declaration at the end of the conference, a continuation of the Budapest declaration signed last August.

In his speech, Ralf Dekker presented FVD’s ideas and strategy. The strategy is of course both political and meta-political: the political activity provides national and international platforms for the regeneration of society through concrete actions like the food company, Honest Eating (Eerlijk Eten), which brings produce directly from farmers to consumers; the publishing house, Amsterdam Books; and the Renaissance Institute and school. If politics is downstream from culture, FVD is not only upstream but aims to be one of the very wellsprings of our national and European … revival.

Watch the Exchange here



Do I dare to eat a peach? While FVD and its international friends exude vitality and growth, the therapeutic state is determined to smother us, by convincing us that we are sick and in need of its protection.  Modern managerialism drives our serotonin society into a state of learned helplessness, in order to augment its own power. Covid was the dry run not only for totalitarian control of people’s bodies but also of their minds – we all recall Jacinda Ardern’s statement, “We (the New Zealand government) will continue to be your single source of truth.”

The latest attack comes in the form of the Global Pandemic Treaty which the outgoing government of Mark Rutte is determined to sign with the World Health Organisation – just as he is determined to bind in his successors for a decade by signing a security pact with Ukraine. Naturally, it falls to FVD, and in particular to its Parsifal, Gideon van Meijeren, to break the globalists’ morbid spell of sickness and to attack their latest attempt to treat us like patients etherized upon a table.

Read Gideon van Meijeren's speech here



War is the father of all things. On the 25th anniversary of the NATO attack on Yugoslavia in the name of human rights, we are honoured to publish Jim Jatras’ seminal piece explaining why a tiny and hitherto unknown province of Serbia became a casus belli for the biggest military alliance in the history of the world. The Kosovo war was not only a gigantic disinformation exercise, it was also fought to establish the USA’s  “benevolent global hegemony” – to quote Robert Kagan, the husband of Victoria Nuland of Maidan cookie fame. NATO needed to go out of area or out of business – and we all know that the first priority of any institution is self-preservation. US foreign policy was set on a path in 1999 from which it has never deviated since - and which is now coming to its grisly conclusion in the black mud of Ukraine.

Read Jim Jatras' article here



The Iranian geopolitical analyst, Ehsan Safarnejad, was our guest at our X-Space, The Forum, this week, giving his extremely well-informed perspective on the Israeli-Iranian war. If you missed it, you can listen to it again by clicking below.

Listen to The Forum here


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